Denny Organizes Exhibition of Woven Bags for Metropolitan Museum of Art

Walter Denny
Walter Denny

Walter B. Denny, Distinguished Professor in the history of art and architecture, is one of the organizers of an exhibition of woven bags from the Middle East and the Caucasus opening Sept. 25 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

“Portable Storage: Tribal Weavings from the Collection of William and Inger Ginsberg” will highlight 19 distinctly patterned examples of woven bags and a pile-woven saddle cover that lend insight into a way of life practiced in the Middle East for hundreds of years. The exhibit will also include two Islamic paintings from the museum’s collection that depict bags and trappings in use.

Denny, a member of the faculty for 47 years, is an authority on the art and architecture of the Islamic world, in particular the artistic traditions of the Ottoman Turks, Islamic carpets and textiles, Islamic imagery in European art, and issues of economics and patronage in Islamic art.

He worked with Deniz Beyazit, assistant curator in the Met’s department of Islamic art, on the organization of the exhibition, which runs through May 7, 2018.