Committee at UMass Amherst Recommends Realignment, Renaming Division of Student Affairs

AMHERST, Mass. -A committee at the University of Massachusetts has submitted a 110-page report to Chancellor David K. Scott that recommends sweeping changes in the division of student affairs.

Among its recommendations:

* change the name of the division to the division of student and campus life;

* move enrollment services, including admissions, the campus career network, financial aid, new students program, and numerous student support programs, to the division of academic affairs under the provost’s jurisdiction;

* move auxiliary services, including the campus center and dining services, from the division of administration and finance to the new division of student and campus life;

* create a new office of family resources;

* create a new office of judicial programs;

* increase support for graduate student life;

* recognize student governance, both undergraduate and graduate, in the new executive area;

* continue to explore links between the offices of the bursar, registrar, financial aid, and housing assignments to create one-stop service locations, instead of making students go from one office to another to take care of various needs.

* have the vice chancellor of the new division report directly to the chancellor.

A 20-member committee of students, faculty, and staff worked on the report during the fall semester under committee chair Margaret Jablonski, a visiting assistant professor in the UMass School of Education. The report was delivered to Scott Jan. 29.

Jablonski said the committee received input from about 250 members of the University community. She said: "We don’t see the report as the last word, but as a template to help everyone see what needs to change in order to provide the best possible ways of meeting the life needs of the campus’s students, faculty and staff."

Scott said the report will be broadly distributed on campus to give as many people as possible a chance to comment on the recommendations.