Comments From UMass Amherst Chancellor David Scott and Selectman Hill Boss at Signing of Strategic Partnership Between UMass and Town of Amherst

AMHERST, Mass. - Today, University of Massachusetts Chancellor David K. Scott and Hill Boss, clerk of the Amherst Select Board, signed a strategic partnership between the Town and the University that will be in effect from now until June 30, 2001.

Scott said: "In our increasingly interconnected world, where the word ‘community’ is more important than ever, we need to strengthen the ties between the University and the Town."

For the future, he said, "Our focus will be on breaking down the barriers to cooperation for the benefit of all the people who live and work and go to school in our area."

Boss said he was "upbeat" about the partnership. He said: "What we’re involved in here is a process that began to move in the right direction three years ago, a process we must continue."

Boss also said: "While there will always be problems that come up, I feel very positive about what has gone on and what we have agreed to continue. It’s great this is a living document that will allow us to work together to address problems as they occur."

Scott quoted the language of the Partnership Document, saying that the new partnership will, indeed, "take the University and Amherst into the 21st century as working partners, neighbors, and friends."

He added: "The University is delighted with the new partnership with the Town of Amherst. We are also delighted with the process that produced the partnership, building on relationships and commitments begun three years ago." The last agreement between the Town and the University was signed Jan. 26, 1996.