Center for Women & Community Offers Support Group

The Center for Women & Community is offering three support groups this semester.

“Mindfulness and Mood: Empowerment Skills for Women,” is a five-session group that will focus on the unique stresses facing women and offer skills for women to manage anxiety, mood and emotions and to empower women in their everyday lives. Gain skills to help reduce anxiety, improve mood and relationships, relax one’s body, quiet one’s mind, and gain greater emotional balance. The group is open to women from the Five Colleges and the surrounding community. The contact person is Jamie Sadiq, 545-0883. Co-sponsored by the Graduate Women’s Network.

“Can You Hear Me? Real Talk among Undergraduate Women Of Color,” provides a space for undergraduate women of color to identify and explore their academic, social and familial experiences while providing and receiving support from each other and building community. Meetings will open dialogue around multiple aspects of identity including race, gender, class, orientation and ability and the experiences associated with these identities on campus. Topics may include: developing relationships with partners, friends and family; adjusting to independence in college and changing community contexts; exploring racial, gender and other aspects of identity; building community and peer connections; negotiating interpersonal and institutional conflict; identifying and addressing academic challenges and goals. The group is open to undergraduate women of color at the Five Colleges. The contact person is Jamie Sadiq, 545-0883.

“Women in Academia: Surviving the Dissertation,” facilitated by Mamta Dadlani. Open to graduate women who are entering or involved in the dissertation writing process. This group will provide a space for women to build a supportive network and to discuss issues that are particular to women in various stages of the dissertation process. Meetings will open dialogue around multiple aspects of personal identity (e.g., race, class, orientation, ability) that intersect with gender during this process and aim to help women in academia find and use their voice. Members will also use the group to identify tangible weekly goals, to share their victories, and to discuss personal challenges with group support and feedback. Pre-group consultation with facilitator is required. Women interested in learning more about the group should call CWC at 545-0883 to schedule an individual consultation with Susan Mahler. Co-sponsored by the Graduate Women’s Network.