Campus urged to conserve electricity during heat wave

As a heat wave continues in the region, Ray Jackson, interm director of Physical Plant, is asking the campus community to take voluntary energy conservation measures.
“With ongoing high temperatures, ISO New England, the electrical grid operator for New England, is forecasting New England’s electricity usage to reach near record-breaking levels over the next two days,” said Jackson in a broadcast e-mail. “Although power system resources are currently adequate, supplies are likely to become tight. As a precautionary step, ISO New England is requesting voluntary electricity conversation. We strongly encourage you to conserve energy today and tomorrow.
He suggested several ways to reduce electricity consumption on campus:
·      Turn off unneeded lights and appliances
·      Turn off unnecessary office equipment
·      Turn off computers and monitors, and shut down office equipment like copiers when away from the office
·      If the fume hood in the lab is not in use, close the sash completely
·      Turn off any other equipment that may use energy unnecessarily