Brandon’s Film to be Featured at BU Conference on Women’s Movement

Liane Brandon

“Anything You Want To Be,” the classic, award-winning 1971 short film by Liane Brandon, professor emeritus of education, will be featured at the plenary session of the conference “A Revolutionary Moment: Women’s Liberation in the Late 1960s and Early 1970s,” on March 27-29 at Boston University.

The beginning of the women’s movement in American culture was largely undocumented, but Brandon’s film was one of the earliest and most popular consciousness-raising tools of the time. “Anything You Want To Be” is about a teenager’s humorous collision with sex-role stereotypes and was one of the first films to explore the external pressures and the more subtle, internal influences a girl faces in finding her identity.

During the conference Brandon will participate with other filmmakers in a panel titled “How Film Told Our Story: Documenting Second-Wave Feminism Through Film.”