Boykin gives keynote speech for 'Gaypril'

Keith Boykin, a former Clinton White House aide, author, and activist, will speak on “Beyond the Down Low: Black and Gay in America,” on Thursday, April 7 at 7:30 p.m. in 137 Isenberg School of Management.

Boykin will present an eye-opening look at the “down low,” a term used to refer to “straight” men who have sex with men. “Beyond the Down Low” presents the issue not merely as a problem of gay and bisexual men living in the shadows, but more as an example of America’s unwillingness to engage in critical but uncomfortable conversations about black sexuality. Boykin will detail how society has helped to
create an environment where black gay and bisexual men feel compelled to lead double lives. Meanwhile, the dialogue that has taken place in the black community encourages an unhealthy battle of the sexes, ignores the complexity of the closet, demonizes bisexuality, disempowers women, and misdirects public resources and attention.

The talk kicks off “Gaypril,” a series of events planned by the Stonewall Center. Upcoming programs include a concert by the Kinsey Sicks on April 10 in the Fine Arts Center and a showing “Dangerous Living: Coming Out in the Developing World” on April 12.