Book by UMass Amherst Professor on the Federal Judiciary Receives National Award

AMHERST, Mass. - University of Massachusetts political science professor Sheldon Goldman’s book "Picking Federal Judges: Lower Court Selection From Roosevelt Through Reagan," has received an award from the American Political Science Association (APSA).

The book earned an honorable mention from the law and courts section of the APSA for the C. Herman Pritchett Award for the best book on law and courts published by a political scientist in 1997. The award will be presented at the Sept. 4 annual meeting of the APSA in Boston.

A letter to Goldman announcing the award from Richard A. Brisbin Jr., the chair of the C. Herman Pritchett Award Committee, says, "Mixing empirical evidence with original research in a variety of presidential papers and many other original sources, you have produced a richly detailed, nuanced, and ultimately definitive study of the politics of federal judicial selection."

The book has been reviewed favorably in The American Political Science Review, Harvard Law Review, Yale Law Journal, and other publications.

Goldman has been a faculty member at UMass since 1965 and is a nationally recognized expert and commentator on the federal judiciary.