Billings elected to Rules Committee, Bogartz to chair

By Daniel J. Fitzgibbons

Richard Bogartz of Psychology was elected chair of the Faculty Senate’s Rules Committee on Sept. 23 and librarian Marilyn Billings topped Maurianne Adams of Student Development and Pupil Personnel Services in balloting for an at-large seat on the committee.

In other business, senators approved several actions taken over the summer by the Rules Committee on behalf of the senate. Those actions included the creation of an ad hoc committee to study the coordinating functions and responsibilities of the International Programs Office and another to examine online learning.

The Rules Committee also acted on a recommended General Education designation and changes in the repeated courses policy to bring it into compliance with previously approved changes in the grading system. Both actions were endorsed by the senate.

Senators also affirmed the committee’s approval of two new, three-credit courses, EDUC 258, “Educating for Social Justice and Diversity through Peer Theater,” and ENVIRSCI 465, “Principles of Environmental Site Assessment.”