Baker’s Theatrical Adaptation of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Published

Christopher Baker
Christopher Baker

Dramaturg and playwright Christopher Baker, theater, has published his adaptation of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice.”

The publication and licensing by Broadway Publishing Company, follows the successful run of the adaptation at Center Stage in Baltimore.

The Baltimore Sun wrote of the production: “While respectful of Austen, [Baker] does not aim for mere imitation or by-the-numbers re-creation; the dialogue sounds authentic and natural. This is, above all, an entertaining work of theater... Most impressive, perhaps, is how Baker does all of this without making it feel forced. ... Note, too, the abundant humor. This ‘Pride and Prejudice’ gets a good deal of amusing mileage from Austen’s deft targeting of stuffiness, hypocrisy and social machinations — traits all too prevalent in our day, too, as you might have noticed.”

The play, which featured Kate Abbruzzese of Shakespeare and Company’s “The Merchant of Venice” and A.J. Shivley of “Bright Star, Broadway,” was named a Best Production by DC Metro Theater Arts.

Baker also workshopped his play “Lincoln” at Center Stage last spring.