Apply to be student Commencement speaker

Graduating seniors interested in serving as the student speaker at Commencement are invited to submit proposals to the selection committee.

Proposed speeches should be of general interest to graduating seniors as well as to parents and other guests. Speeches may address impressions and experiences, both academic and extracurricular, as well as the speaker’s thoughts on the future.

Submit approximately two word-processed/typewritten pages, double-spaced, or the equivalent of three to four minutes speaking time. Speeches exceeding this limit will not be considered.

A non-voting staff person will delete authors’ names after which a committee of students (majority), staff, and faculty will review the proposals. Three to five individuals will be invited to audition before the committee in March, after which the speaker will be selected.

The deadline to submit proposals is Tuesday, Feb. 15, at 4:30 p.m.

Proposals should be sent to Mathew Ouellett, Chair, Student Speaker Selection Committee, Center for Teaching, 301 Goodell Building (545-1225)