Anna Schrade to Speak about Europe’s ‘Entangled Histories’ as Part of Transatlantic Slave Trade

Anna Schrade

AMHERST, Mass. – Anna Schrade will discuss “Europe’s ‘Entangled Histories’ and the Memorial to the Abolition of Slavery in Nantes, France” on Wednesday, Nov. 13 at 4 p.m. in the Commonwealth Honors College Events Hall at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Schrade’s lecture will focus on the recently inaugurated Memorial to the Abolition of Slavery erected at Quai de la Fosse along the Loire riverfront in Nantes, France. For two centuries, the historic embankment served as the site for the outfitting and embarkation of French slave trade ships. Nantes organized 43 percent of the French slave-trading expeditions and profited immensely from the trade. Traces of this history can still be found in the city’s iconic architecture.

Schrade will evaluate the relevance of the memorial for contemporary France and the rest of Europe. She argues that “the memorial represents an important intervention in the dominant narrative of modern Europe which,” she says, “silences, erases and disremembers the ‘entangled histories’ of the colonial conquest and slavery.”

The talk is part of the Distinguished Lecture Series on Social Thought and Political Economy presented by Commonwealth Honors College. Schrade is a lecturer in the social though and political economy program at UMass Amherst and a Five College associate.

The Distinguished Lecture Series on Social Thought and Political Economy is sponsored by Commonwealth Honors College and is an opportunity for students to gain an interdisciplinary understanding on a variety of social issues.

The event is free and open to the public.