Admissions Center, Campus Career Office at UMass Amherst Will Switch Locations

AMHERST, Mass. - The University of Massachusetts Undergraduate Admissions Office and the New Students Program will move from their current location on Admissions Way to the Mather Building on Fraternity Row, off East Pleasant Street. The Campus Career Network, now headquartered in the Mather Building, will occupy the space vacated by the admissions office.

Joseph Marshall, dean of enrollment services, announced the moves, which will occur early next month. All three offices will be fully operational for the beginning of the fall semester, he says.

"Switching these locations makes a lot of sense in terms of both operations and client services," says Marshall. He says admissions has simply outgrown its space, noting the center lacks an adequate reception area and storage space is extremely limited. "The Mather Building will allow for both current space needs and future growth," he says.

Forty staff members in admissions and the New Students Program will be affected by the move. In addition, Marshall says, the new quarters at Mather will provide necessary space for some eight-10 long-term, temporary admissions and data entry staff hired annually from October to May, the peak college application period.

Marshall says the switch in locations will also benefit the Campus Career Network, whose need for greater accessibility has increased while its need for centralized space has decreased. He points out visitors to the admissions office generally come from off-campus, while the Campus Career Network offers its services to students.

Fourteen career services staff members will make the move to the former admissions center. Six staff members of the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium, a group-purchasing body, who occupy space at Mather, will also move.

Three years ago, teams of career specialists moved out of their offices at Mather to the University''s schools and colleges, creating a "network" of services around campus, explains Joan Stoia, director of the Campus Career Network. "This is the final step in transforming a centralized career office into a network of services to better meet students'' needs," says Stoia. Both Stoia and Marshall say the new location will be more accessible to students, particularly for campus recruiting. "Being located at the gateway to the campus sends a strong message that the University is serious about building partnerships with employers," says Stoia.

Both the University Admissions Center and the Campus Career Network moved to their present locations in 1989.