Active Women Sought for Menopause and Heart Disease Study

Active women

The Molecular and Cardiovascular Physiology Lab is looking at how heart disease risk changes during the menopausal transition and is seeking volunteers for a study.

Volunteers must be 65 years old or younger. Those who have been exercising regularly for the past two years and do not have cardiovascular disease may qualify.

The study will provide participants with information on their blood lipid levels, glucose levels, cardiovascular fitness, bone mineral density and body composition. Participants may also win a $50 gift card to a local business, a gym membership or personal training sessions.

Volunteers will be asked to come to campus three times for approximately 1-3 hours per visit. During the study they will be asked to complete studies of blood vessel health using an ultrasound and Doppler machine and to undergo blood draws at rest and before and after exercise. Participants will complete a maximal exercise test and an acute bout of exercise.

If interested, contact the lab at or 577-0392