AAUP leader to speak on libraries and free speech

Peter J. Givler, executive director of the Association of American University Presses, will address a colloquium, “Freedom of Speech & Speech for Free: University Libraries, University Presses, and the Law,” on Friday, Oct. 15, 3-4:30 p.m. in the Cape Cod Lounge of the Student Union.

Givler will address issues such as hot-button legal issues confronting academic publishers, librarians, and scholars in the digital age. He also is expected to discuss how questions of intellectual property rights and freedom of speech are playing out on campuses and in the courts—from electronic reserves and “open access” to the USA Patriot Act and the Office of Foreign Asset Control’s information regulations. Givler will also touch on how the environment of scholarly publishing has changed in recent years and its prospects for the years ahead.

His talk will be followed by responses from the floor and a period of questions and answers. All faculty, librarians and graduate students are invited to attend.

After the colloquium, the University of Massachusetts Press will hold an open house at its new offices in the recently renovated East Experiment Station. All are welcome.

The colloquium presented by the UMass Amherst Libraries and the UMass Press and cosponsored by the Faculty Senate’s Research Library Council, Research Council, and University Press Committee, and the Friends of the Library.

The Association of American University Presses (AAUP), which includes 125 scholarly presses, and the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) have designated 2004 as the “Year of the University Press.” This year-long focus on university presses is intended to celebrate the important role presses play in the scholarly communications process. The campaign is an outgrowth of a recent formal recognition by the two organizations of their complementary roles in the scholarly communications system and the need to work together in this time of economic and technological turbulence to ensure a strong system for the future.