26 UMass Amherst Alumni Serving as Peace Corps Volunteers in 24 Countries Around the World

AMHERST, Mass. – Continuing a long tradition of service in the Peace Corps, more than two dozen University of Massachusetts Amherst alumni are currently volunteering in 24 countries around the world.

Since the Peace Corps was created in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy, 1,165 UMass Amherst graduates have served overseas, ranking its 21st among more 3,000 schools in the nation, according to Laura Lartigue, acting press director for the Peace Corps.

The volunteers, including 21 who completed their undergraduate studies and five who received graduate degrees at UMass Amherst, are engaged in a variety of projects related to education, agriculture, health and HIV/AIDS, the environment and youth development, said Lartigue.

Among the 76 countries where the Peace Corps is active, UMass Amherst alumni are serving in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Botswana, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, China, the eastern Caribbean, Ecuador, Fiji, Guatemala, Guinea, Lesotho, Micronesia, Morocco, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Philippines, Romania, Senegal, South Africa, Thailand, Uganda and Zambia.

There are nearly 7,900 Peace Corps volunteers working in countries in Africa, Asia, South and Central America, Eastern Europe, the Pacific and the Caribbean.