2008 Howard Hughes Medical Research Summer Internships Announced For UMass Amherst Students

AMHERST, Mass. – Thirteen undergraduate students from the University of Massachusetts Amherst have been chosen to participate in the 2008 Howard Hughes Medical Institute summer internship program.

The eight-week program runs from June 8 to August 1 and allows undergraduates to participate in authentic laboratory research in the life sciences. There is an emphasis on genomics/bioinformatics and bioimaging. Participants will receive a $3,600 stipend for the summer to conduct research full time in their host labs.

Here is a list of the students along with professors and departments with whom they will be conducting their research:

Greg Brennan – John R. Nambu, biology
Chris Meaden – Wei-Lih Lee, biology
Erin Parker – Gerald B. Downes, biology
Mona Salameh – Ana Caicedo, biology
Dmitri Steblovsky and David Paquette – Lila Gierasch, biochemistry
Jerome Rogich – Scott C. Garman, biochemistry
Nikki Woodward – Daniel N. Hebert, biochemistry
Ngoc Ho – Lynmarie K. Thompson, chemistry
Cornelius Taabuzuing – Nathan Schnarr, chemistry
Pardeep Thandi – Sankaran Thayumanavan, chemistry
Joseph Burbage – Elizabeth S. Stuart, microbiology
Maryam Suberu – Jerry Joseph, veterinary and animal sciences

The summer program is designed to help students become conversant with the techniques and vocabulary of their research area, allow them to work full time on a specific research problem, and assist them in forming a close and lasting relationship with their mentors. In addition, the students will communicate their progress and ideas with peers and faculty weekly and will learn to present research results and put their projects in the broader perspective of biomedical research.