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  • Agnès Lacreuse receives NIH grant

    NSB faculty member Agnès Lacreuse is the recent recipient of a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant to study sex differences in cognitive and brain aging.  Congratulations to Agnès!

  • Eric Bittman receives NIH grant

    NSB faculty member Eric Bittman just started a new NIH grant (an R21, which provides 2 years of funding) to examine the role of circadian oscillators in brain regions outside the central hypothalamic pacemaker in the control of ovulation.
    This brings together circadian biology and neuroendocrinology.  Congratulations to Eric.

  • Rosie Cowell elected to the MDRS

    NSB faculty member Rosie Cowell was elected to the Memory Disorders Research Society (MDRS) this Spring 2014. MDRS is an invitation only society,
    for faculty level researchers. Rosie presented a talk to the society in Austin, TX on September 19th.

  • Mariana Pereira selected for the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation's Research Partners Program

    New faculty member in the program (and Psychological and Brain Sciences) Mariana Pereira has received a grant from the Brain and Behavior Foundation.  It is especially exciting that it was selected for the the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation's Research Partners Program

  • Jim Chambers selected for "Young Investigators in Medicinal Chemistry"

    NSB faculty member Jim Chambers has been selected to participate in the "Young Investigators in Medicinal Chemistry" at the American Chemical Society meeting in Dallas (March 2014). 

  • NSB Students Amanda Krentzel, Emily Manoogian and Amy Ryan Awarded 2014 Graduate Dissertation Research Grants

    Current NSB students Amanda Kentzel, Emily Manoogian and Amy Ryan are recipients of 2014 Graduate Dissertation Grants awarded by the University of Massachusetts at Amherst Graduate School.  These funds should assist Amanda, Emily and Amy in their research and progress towards their degrees.  Congratulations to Amanda, Emily and Amy!

  • Annaliese Beery Awarded NSF Grant

    NSB faculty member Annaliese Beery received a $470,000 NSF grant to study the neurobiology of seasonal sociality in voles. 

  • Matthew LaClair Recipient of Spring 2014 CRF Research Grant

    NSB student Matthew LaClair was awarded a $10,000 pre-dissertation grant from The Center for Research on Families . He will use the CRF grant to complete a project examining how dysfunction within the sex steroid and the dopaminergic systems produce the cognitive and emotional symptoms of schizophrenia.  By better understanding the way these two systems interact, it may be possible to discover novel therapeutic treatments for these symptoms.  His project will be completed in collaboration with his advisor and NSB faculty member, Dr. Agnès Lacreuse.  Congratulations to Matt!

  • Daniel Vahaba and John Hernandez Receive Honorable Mentions

    NSB student Daniel Vahaba received honorable mention in his application for an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.  Fellow NSB student John Hernandez also received honorable mention on his application for a Ford Foundation Fellowship.  These fellowships are highly competitive so it is a fantastic achievement.  Congratulations to Dan and John!

  • Yi-Ling Lu Wins Best Poster Award

    NSB student Yi-Ling Lu won the best poster award at the 2013 Life Sciences Graduate Research Symposium.  Congratulations to Yi-Ling!

Colloquia Archive

  • 2013

    NSB Banquet, Katherine Fite Distinguished Alumn Speaker, Graeme Davis: Title "Homeostatic Control of Neural Function: Phenomenology to Molecular Design"; Presentation of Vincent Dethier Graduate Student Award. Campus Center @ 5:30 p.m.

    Graeme Davis

  • 2013

    Distinguished Faculty Lecture - Tom Zoeller - The Brain on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

    R. Thomas Zoeller

  • 2012

    Genetic Specification of Neuronal Circuitry: How are Different Types of Neurons Made in the Vertebrate Spinal Cord?

    Katharine Lewis

  • 2012

    SINAUER ASSOCIATES LECTURE: Using fixed circuits to build flexible behaviors

    Cornelia Isabella "Cori" Bargmann

  • 2012

    Stress adaptations affecting addictive processes: potential targets for medications development

    Helen Fox

  • 2012

    Axon Regeneration in C. elegans

    Marc Hammarlund

  • 2012

    Ventral Forebrain and Pituitary Development: A view from the zebrafish

    Rolf O. Karlstrom

  • 2012

    Music and the brain: a model for auditory learning

    Nina Kraus

  • 2012

    Inventing ways to control the nervous system with light

    Richard Kramer

  • 2012

    The costs of circadian disruption

    Michael Menaker