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Doctoral Graduate Students

  • Mary C. Catanese

    B.A. English, University of Massachusetts Amherst (2008)
    Cellular and Molecular Signaling Pathways
    Dr. Laura Vandenberg
    Dr. Robert T. Zoeller
  • Rosamund E. Combs-Bachmann

    Rosamund E. Combs-Bachmann

    B.A. Biology & English, Guildford College, May 2005
    Molecular Mechanisms of Synaptic Plasticity
    Dr. James Chambers
  • Amanda Cremone

    B.S. in Psychology & Biology, Merrimack College, May 2012
    Role of sleep and early experience on development and cognitive functioning
    Dr. Jennifer McDermott
  • Chaia Flegenheimer

    B.A. Neuroscience and Behavior, Vassar College, May 2013
    The development of attention in typically and atypically developing populations
    Dr. Jennifer McDermott
  • Daniil Frolov

    B.S., Biology, Saint Petersburg State University, Russia 2004
    M.S., Biology with specialization in Human and Animal Physiology and Endocrinology, Saint Petersburg State University, Russia 2007
    Behavioral and Electrophysiological Investigations of Sensorimotor System Development
    Dr. Geng-Lin Li
  • Christina Gagliardi

    Christina Gagliardi

    B.A. Studio Art, Mount Holyoke College (May 2002), B.S. Biology, University of Maine Orono (May 2010)
    Modeling and assessing chronic stress in rodents
    Dr. Jeffrey Blaustein
  • Amanda F. Hamel

    Amanda F. Hamel

    B.S. Animal Science, University of Massachusetts Amherst, May 2008
    Primate Cognition and Behavior
    Dr. Melinda Novak
  • John Hernandez

    B.S. Biomedical Sciences, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, May 2010
    M.S. Biology, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, August 2012
    Behavioral, Electrophysiological, and Molecular mechanisms underlying sexually dimorphic behavior
    Co-chairs: Dr. Jeffrey Blaustein & Dr. Luke Remage-Healey
    Rotation Advisors: Dr. Jeffrey Blaustein (Fall 2012), Dr. Luke Remage-Healey (Spring 2013)
  • Dylan Hillsburg

    B.A. Psychology, Emmanuel College, May 2013
    Sleep and memory
    Dr. Rebecca Spencer
  • Jeffreys Nathaniel Johnson

    Jeffreys Nathaniel Johnson

    B.S. Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Cornell University, May 2010
    Pharmacology and mechanism of action of the sigma receptor
    Dr. James Chambers
  • Elina Kaplan

    B.S. Neuroscience, Brandeis University, May 2007
    Multimodal processing and attention.
    Dr. Alexandra Jesse
  • Amanda A. Krentzel

    B.S. Neuroscience, Centenary College of Louisiana, Shreveport (May 2011)
    Molecular and Behavioral Neuroendocrinology; Sexual Differentiation and Sexual Dimorphism
    Rotation Advisors: Nancy Forger (Fall 2011), Luke Remage-Healey (Spring 2012)
  • Ajay Kumar

    B.S. Biology, George Mason University (2007)
    Social Behavior, Development, and Neuroendocrinology
    Annaliese Beery
  • Laura B. Kurdziel

    Laura B. Kurdziel

    B.S. Zoology, University of Maryland, 2005
    M.S. Animal Behavior, Bucknell University, 2007
    Cerebellar Ataxia/Movement Disorders; Aging, Sleep, Primate Cognition
    Dr. Rebecca Spencer
  • Matthew LaClair

    B.A. Psychology, Eastern Connecticut State University, May 2006
    Neuroendocrinology, cognition and goal-directed behavior
    Dr. Agnes Lacreuse
  • Yi-Ling Lu

    Yi-Ling Lu

    B.S. Biology, National Cheng Kung University, June 2004
    M.S. Institute of Neuroscience, National Yang-Ming University, June 2006
    Stress Response in Prefrontal Cortex
    Dr. Heather Richardson
  • Emily Manoogian

    Emily Manoogian

    B.A. Integrative Biology, University of California Berkeley, June 2010
    Circadian Rhythms and Neuroendocrinology: Melatonin Influence on the Brain and Reproductive Axis
    Dr. Eric Bittman
  • Janna Mantua

    B.A. Psychology, West Virginia University, May 2011
    Sleep, memory consolidation, and aging
    Dr. Rebecca Spencer
  • Jesse R. McClure

    Jesse R. McClure

    B.S. Biomedical Science, St. Cloud State University, May 2008
    Individual differences in impulsive choice: causes and consequences
    Co-Advisors: Drs. Heather Richardson & Jeffrey Podos
  • Amy M. Ryan

    B.S. Biology, College of William & Mary (May 2007)
    M.A. Psychology, Hunter College-City University of New York (May 2011)
    Primate social learning
    Advisors: Dr. Melinda Novak
  • Akshata Sonni

    B.S. Microbiology, University of Massachusetts Amherst, February 2008
    Sleep, Memory and Aging; Sleep and Movement Disorders; Role of the cerebellum in time perception
    Dr. Rebecca Spencer
  • Daniel Vahaba

    B.S. Psychology, Wayne State University, May 2011
    Interaction of Neuroendocrinology, Epigenetics, and Social Behavior
  • Wanette Vargas

    Wanette Vargas

    B.S. Psychology, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, May 2009
    Neurobiological Mechanisms of Alcohol Addiction
    Dr. Heather N. Richardson
  • Amarylis

    Amarylis Velez-Perez

    B.A. Psychology, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, May 2009
    Effects of stressors during puberty on adult behavior.
    Dr. Jeffrey Blaustein