Annual RISCC Symposium a Success

Thursday, September 6, 2018
Image credit RISCC official Logo

Image credit RISCC official Logo

​   On July 12, 2018 the Northeast Regional Invasive Species and Climate Change Management Network (RISCC) held its 2nd annual symposium at UMass Amherst.  The objective of the meeting was to bring together natural resource managers and scientists to discuss how climate change might affect invasion risk in the northeastern region and identify ways to translate research into management action.  

   The event included 12 expert presentations, including guest speakers Dr. Jeffrey Dukes, Professor of Forestry & Natural Resources & Biological Sciences and Director of Purdue Climate Change Research Center, Purdue University; Dr. Montserrat Vilà, Professor of Research in the Department of Integrative Ecology, Estación Biológica de Doñana (EBD-CSIC); and Dr. Julie Richburg, Regional Ecologist at The Trustees of Reservations in Massachusetts. 

     In addition to the 12 presentations, there were discussion sessions facilitated by Dr. Toni Lyn Morelli, Research Ecologist with the USGS and the Northeast Climate Adaption Science Center at UMass as well as Carrie Brown-Lima, Director at NY Invasive Species Research Institute at Cornell University. Participants remarked how useful the symposium was to their professional development, and are already thinking ahead to next years meeting.

  Take Aways:

        Attendees top invasive impacts by relevance

  1. biodiversity
  2. agriculture/agricultural
  3. competition
  4. economic/economic costs/economic impacts
  5. ecosystem services
  6. human health
  7. cultural resources

   Attendees views on changing climate influence these impacts

  1. Impacts get worse
  2. New invasions
  3. Negative impacts on rare species and unique/high risk habitats, vulnerable communities, biodiversity 

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Written by Communications Intern Mike Crowley