Cape Cod Burn Winter 4 Plot

The photos below depict the 0.1-acre plot from the Lombard-Paradise Research Site designated Burn Winter 4. This plot has been burned in the dormant season (winter) every fourth year since 1986. As you scroll down the page, the pictures become progressively more recent; the oldest photos are at the top of the page, and the newest photos are at the bottom.

We have compiled data, including Fuel Loads, Weather Conditions, and Fire Behavior observations for this Burn Winter 4 plot. To view the data that correspond with the date on which a photo was taken, click on the photo.

These data have been collected for all treatments, for all 60 of the long-term research plots at Lombard-Paradise, and are available upon request.

Click on a photo to view fuel load and fire behavior data for that date!!!

Burn Winter 4 plot in July 1987, after one burn.
Burn Winter 4 plot in June 1991, after two burns.
Burn Winter 4 plot in August 1997, after three burns.
Burn Winter 4 plot in July 2002, after five burns. (No photos were taken of the plot between the third and fifth burns).

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