Preliminary Schedule of Events

The following is the current schedule of events.

Please note: All panels will be held on the campus of Amherst College, in Chapin and Fayerweather Halls. The evening reception and dinner will be held at the Lincoln Campus Center on the campus of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Panel formats should conform to AAS practices. Each presenter should give speak for approximately 20 minutes. This will allow for discussion time with fellow panelists and the audience. The order listed below may not necessarily be the order of presentations.

Saturday, October 20th

Panels at Amherst College, Fayerweather and Chapin Halls

Fayerweather foyer/hallway

Coffee and pastries
Fayerweather foyer/hallway
(1) Individual Papers: Importation and Assimilation: Re-Contextualizing Asia Arts
Fayerweather 113
Stephen M. Forrest, UMass Amherst
Fan Zhang, Smith College Museum of Art
Discussion moderator: Tom Rohlich, Smith College

(2) Individual Papers: Defining "Religion" in Meiji Japan
Chapin 203
Hidehiko Kurita, Harvard-Yenching Institute / Tohoku University
Seiji Hoshino, Reischauer Institute, Harvard University
Discussant: Trent Maxey, Amherst College

(3) Individual Papers: Hermeneutics and History: Creating an Artistic Past in Medieval and Early Modern China
Fayerweather 117
Yue Zhang, University of Toronto
Ji Hao, Holy Cross
Yingzhi Zhao, Harvard University
Discussant: David Schneider, UMass Amherst

(4) Individual Papers: Industry and National Identity in Postwar East Asia
Chapin 201
Akiko Sato, Osaka University
Derek Levine
Hunju Lee, UMass Amherst
Discussant: Steve Platt, UMass Amherst
(5) Panel: In Her Own Image: Self-Representations in Late Imperial Chinese Women's Writing
Chapin 201
Chair: Grace S. Fong, McGill University
Haihong Yang, University of Delaware
Wanming Wang, McGill University
Yu Zhang, University of North Dakota
Discussant: Ellen B. Widmer, Wellesley College

(6) Panel: Defining and Redefining Friends: Literary Representations of Friendship in Traditional Chinese Genres
Chapin 203
Sujane Wu, Smith College
Maria Franca Sibao, Emory University
Elena S. Y. Chiu, UMass Amherst
Discussant: Vincent Leung, University of Pittsburg

(7) Individual Papers: The Poetics of Power: Space, Ritual, and Text in Early East Asia
Fayerweather 113
Irena Cronin, UCLA
Joshua Frydman, Yale University
Christina Han, University of Toronto
Discussant: Stephen Miller, UMass Amherst

(8) Individual Papers: The Art of Upheaval in Modern East Asia
Fayerweather 117
Ariel Fox, Harvard University
Po-Chen Tsai, University of Chicago
Hwa Young Caruso, Molloy College
Discussant: Bruce Baird, UMass Amherst
11:30-1:00Complimentary lunch
Lewis-Sebring Dining Room, Valentine Hall
(9) Panel: Challenges of Teaching Category IV Languages in the United States
Chapin 201
Mohamed Hassan, Five Colleges and Amherst College
Cornelius C. Kubler, Williams College
Wako Tawa, Amherst College
Seungja Kim Choi, Yale University

(10) Panel: Traversing the Transnational: Consumption, Identity, and Contemporary Asian/U.S. Mass Culture
Fayerweather 113
Cathy J. Schlund-Vials, University of Connecticut
Laura Wright, University of Connecticut
Michelle H. S. Ho, SUNY Stony Brook

(11) Panel: The Rhetorical Uses of Anecdotes in Early China
Chapin 203
Sarah A. Queen, Connecticut College
Du Heng, Harvard University
Andrew Meyer, Brooklyn College
Discussant: Paul Goldin, University of Pennsylvania

(12) Individual Papers: Making a Modern Woman: Literature and the Feminine in Prewar Asia
Fayerweather 117
Xiaoling Shi, Allegheny College
Molly Des Jardin, Reischauer Institute, Harvard University
Fang Lu, Boston College
Sailaja Joshi, Simmons College
Discussant: Paola Zamperini, Amherst College
2:30-3:00Coffee Break
Fayerweather foyer/hallway
(13) Workshop: Teaching about Japan with freely available internet-based resources
Chapin 203
Victoria Lyon Bestor, North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources
Susanna Fessler, SUNY Albany
Sharon Domier, Five Colleges

(14) Panel: Moving Fashions: Narratives of Identity and Performance in Chinese Sartorial Culture
Chapin 101
Rachel Silberstein, University of Oxford
Tim Sedo, Concordia University
Paola Zamperini, Amherst College

(15) Panel: Feminine Tolerance, Anguish, and Vengeance in Japanese Literature, Film, and Theater
Fayerweather 113
Minae Savas, Bridgewater State University
Robin Tierney, Bridgewater State University
Michael Chan, Yale University
Discussant: Amanda Seaman, UMass Amherst

(16) Panel: The May Fourth Legacy Revisited: Language and Politics in Republican China
Fayerweather 117
Yurou Zhong, Columbia University
Gal Gvili, Columbia University
Liansu Meng, University of Connecticut
Discussant: Yibing Huang, Connecticut College

(17) Panel: The Chinese Classical Period in Recent Research
Chapin 201
A Taeko Brooks, UMass Amherst
E. Bruce Brooks, UMass Amherst
Karen Turner, Holy Cross College
Alvin P. Cohen, UMass Amherst
Paul Ropp, Clark University
Discussion moderator: Dennis Graflin, Bates College

Evening events at UMass Amherst (Lincoln Campus Center, 10th floor)


Keynote speaker: Theodore Bestor, Harvard University and President, Association for Asian Studies