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The NE-165 Working Paper Series provides access to and facilitates research on the food and agricultural marketing issues described in the project statement for NE-165: Private Strategies, Public Policies, and Food System Performance. The Series is a publication vehicle for interim and completed research of high quality, including presented papers, case studies, data collations, reports of descriptive results, explorations of new research methodologies, and policy discussions. Working papers will be immediately available to all project members and other researchers through posting on the Worldwide Web.

Distribution Method:

Starting with Working Paper #43, NE-165 Working Papers will be "distributed" to NE-165 members through posting on AgEcon Search ( Each new working paper will be announced via an email message to members. You can print copies of the papers directly from AgEcon Search. Paper copies of Working Papers will not be routinely distributed except to libraries who are on our mailing list.

Paper Submission:

Papers Presented at Meetings (e.g., AAEA, etc.): These papers may be directly accepted into the Working Paper Series. Follow the directions below.

Papers Not Presented at Meetings: Three copies should be submitted to Ron Cotterill, NE-165 Executive Director. Ron will coordinate a review for publication. Once the review for publication is successfully completed, follow the directions below.

Questions on paper submission? Contact Julie Caswell.


Submit to: Julie Caswell.

A cover page will be provided by us.

Please provide the file on disk, saved in WordPerfect file format. If this is not possible, indicate the word processing program the file is saved in, including the version number. Also send a hard copy of the paper which looks like the final version you want all to see when posted on the Internet.

The first page of your Working Paper should include (see NE-165 Working Paper #43 on the AgEcon Search web site for an example):


The second page should include the title at the top and then begin the text.

Graphics: Always provide a hard copy (if not included with the document). You can also send graphics electronically as part of the paper, or separately in any common graphics format (e.g., wpg, tif, bmp, pic).

Margins: 1 inch for top, bottom, left and right
Typeface: 12 point serif such as CG Times or Times Roman (or as close as you can get)
Spacing: Double line spacing

Questions on Directions? Contact Eileen Keegan,


When your journal article or book chapter is accepted, send a message to Ron Cotterill requesting inclusion in the NE-165 Reprint Series. The message should include a complete cite for the publication. For a journal article, the citation should include the author, title, journal volume, number, date of publication, and page numbers (if known). For a chapter, it should include the author, chapter title, editor, book title, publisher, date of publication, and page numbers (if known).

The NE-165 mailing list for reprints has approximately 250 names and the Policy Center needs an additional 20 copies for future requests. Therefore, at a minimum, you must provide 270 copies for distribution. Reprints must be 7"x10" to conform to our ongoing series. Agribusiness reprints, and reprints from some other journals, are larger than this size, so you must reduce them by copying for the reprint series. See Cotterill and Westgren (Reprint No. 34) as an example.

When the covers are printed, Ron Cotterill will mail you all the covers and mailing labels for the NE-165 mailing list. You must staple the covers on the reprint and mail them to the list and send 20 copies to the Food Marketing Policy Center, 1376 Storrs Road, U-21, Storrs, CT 06269-4021.

Questions? Contact Ron Cotterill.


NE-165 is a Regional Research Project set up under the procedures of the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES) of the United States Department of Agriculture. Researchers at land grant universities and USDA may join through an addendum process. Researchers at other institutions or in other countries may join by request to NE-165. For information contact Julie Caswell.

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