The Economics of HACCP: New Studies of Costs and Benefits

June 15-16, 1998
Washington DC

Conference Executive Summary

Decision Makers' Summaries of Papers

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Conference steering committee:

Laurian Unnevehr, Chair, University of Illinois
Walt Armbruster, Farm Foundation
Julie Caswell, University of Massachusetts
Neal Hooker, Texas A&M University
Helen Jensen, Iowa State University
Tanya Roberts, USDA/ERS
Cathy Wessells, University of Rhode Island
Richard Williams, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Decision Makers' Summaries of Papers
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Monday, June 15:

Laurian Unnevehr, Conference Steering Committee Chair

Opening Address:"USDA Research Needs for Food Safety", Dr. Catherine Woteki, Undersecretary for Food Safety, USDA


Designing More Cost-Effective Food Safety Regulation, (Chair: L. Unnevehr)

Integrating Risk Analysis and HACCP, (R. Williams, FDA)

HACCP for Regulatory Analysis, (R. Belzer, OMB)


Measuring the Costs/Benefits of Interventions at Different Points in the Production Process, (Chair: T. Roberts)

The Seven Factors of the HACCP Process: Modeling HACCP as a Production Function, (D. Zorn, FDA)

HACCP in Pork Processing: Costs and Benefits, (H. Jensen, Iowa State University and L. Unnevehr, University of Illinois)

The Cost of HACCP Implementation in the Seafood Industry: A Case Study of Breaded Fish, (C. Colatore and J.A. Caswell, University of Massachusetts)

Discussant: N. Hooker, Texas A&M University


Food Industry Overview of HACCP Implementation in the U.S. and the U.K.
(Chair: W. Armbruster)

Components of HACCP Costs to Industry, (S. Martin and D. Anderson, Research Triangle Institute)

Costs and Benefits of Implementing HACCP in the UK Dairy Processing Sector, (S. Henson, G. Holt and J. Northern, University of Reading, UK)


Poster Session

Cost Benefit Analysis of HACCP in the Gulf Coast Oyster Industry, (D. Whitley, R.W. Harrison, R. Henson, Louisiana State University, and L. Andrews, Ameripure Oysters)

HACCP and the Dairy Industry: An Overview of International and U.S. Experiences, (B. W. Gould, M. Smukowski, and J.R. Bishop, University of Wisconsin)

Barriers to the Implementation of Hygiene Management Systems in the United Kingdom Food Industry, (M. Mortlock et al., University of Wales)

Benefit-Cost Analysis of Shell Eggs Refrigeration, (H. Lakhani, USDA/FSIS)

Shutdown Risk for Small Meat Processors and Packers under Regulated HACCP Systems: A Poisson and Stochastic Simulation Approximation, (W. Nganje and M. Mazzocco, University of Illinois)

The Economics of HACCP: A Survey of Alabama Fish and Seafood Processors
(B. Perkins, T.R. Hanson, and L.U. Hatch, Auburn University)

Costs to Upgrade the Bangladesh Frozen Shrimp Processing Sector to Adequate Technical and Sanitary Standards and to Maintain a HACCP Program, (J. C. Cato, University of Florida and C. A. L. Dos Santos, FAO)

Utilization of the PAF Model to Evaluate the Economics of HACCP Application, (A. Zugarramurdi,CITEP, M.A. Parin and L. Gadaleta, CONICET, and H.M. Lupin, FAO)

Benchmarking Food Safety Program, (M. Dillon, Dillon Associates)

A Real Option Approach to Valuing Food Safety Risks, (V. Salin, Texas A&M University)


Tuesday, June 16:

Risks and Costs of Quality and Safety Improvement
(Chair: H. Jensen)

Market Mechanisms and Sanitation Process Control Deficiencies in Selected U.S. Slaughter Industries, (M. Ollinger, USDA/ERS)

The Cost of Quality in the Meat Industry: Implications for HACCP Regulation, (J.M. Antle, Montana State University)

Cost-Effective Hazard Control in Food Handling,, (J.A. Fox, Kansas State University and D.A. Hennessy, Iowa State University)


Three Concurrent Panel Sessions with Small Group Discussion:

1) Implications of HACCP for Transactions Costs and Vertical Coordination
(Chair: R. Williams)


 2) HACCP in Food Retailing: International Comparisons
(Chair: N. Hooker)


3) Measuring the Distributional Impact of Regulation
(Chair: J.A. Caswell)


Luncheon Address: "What's New for HACCP?"
Dr. John Kvenberg, Strategic Manager for HACCP Policy, CFSAN/FDA


User Fees for the U.S. Food Industry: A Review of the Issue
(Chair: S. Crutchfield)
Panel: J. MacDonald (USDA/ERS), P. Coppinger (FDA), J. Antle (Montana State University)

Conference Wrap-up, L. Unnevher


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