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Undergraduate Program

The Certificate Program in Native American Studies will allow students to gain a structured understanding of the issues affecting contemporary Native American communities, gain a more sensitive understanding of the unique cultures rooted in this hemisphere, and develop a greater appreciation of the cultures and peoples of eastern North America.

Undergraduate Requirements:

Please follow the link to open the application form: Undergraduate Requirement Checklist.

Students must take six courses (18 credits) in three subject areas: Diversity, Contemporary Issues, and Cultural Expressions. Related courses may apply to the certificate only upon consent of the advisory board. As part of the 18 credit requirement, students must take Anthropology 370, Contemporary Issues In Native America: A Focus on the Northeast, which is offered during the spring semesters at the University. In addition, Certificate candidates must take one course from each of the three subject areas, and two additional courses approved by the Program Director.

The written approval of the Certificate candidate's Academic Major advisor and the Program Director is required for entry into the program. Students may apply no more than six transfer credits to their certificate program upon the approval of the Director. Pass/fail grades will not be accepted towards fullfilling the Certificate.

Students considering the Certificate Program should take Anthropology 100 or 104 as a General Education requirement; however neither will count toward the necessary credits.

The Director and Advisors will inform students about other courses available at UMass and Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke and Smith Colleges suitable for fullfilling the Certificate's requirements.