Native American Student Support Services
Program Objectives

Continuing the Circle
Other Native American Resources at the University

The Josephine White Eagle Cultural Center provides a warm and welcoming gathering place for Native American students, staff, and faculty at the university. Native Americans from Amherst College, Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College and the surrounding indigenous community also use the center. Students help organize the annual powwow, plan social events, prepare and share meals, and participate in cultural events and activities. The center includes a computer lab and Native American resource library, providing books, magazines, newspapers and videos.

The American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) provides opportunities for American Indian and Alaskan Natives to pursue studies in the fields of science, engineering, business, and other academic areas. As part of a national organization it assists students in travelling to regional and national conferences where networking with other Native American students helping them to obtain career goals and develop professional relationships.

The Native American Students Association (NASA) is a student run organization, which allows students to plan events and programming around the issues of cultural identity, awareness and unity. NASA sponsors on and off campus events as well as working with native faculty and staff to provide campus wide education about indigenous people in North and South America. It also serves as a medium for the students to hone their leadership skills as well as learning to work together as part of a pan-Indian community.

The Native American Special Interest Residential Program:Kanonhsehsne is a community of Alaskan Native, Native American, Hawaiian, and some allies, living together on the second floor of the Chadbourne residence hall. This residential environment fosters academic excellence by providing a place for Native American students to affirm their identities, and learn about their heritage and the diverse nations of all indigenous peoples of the Americas. For more information call the residential cluster office at (413) 545-4215.

Expanding the Circle
About the Undergraduate Certificate Program in Native American Indian Studies

The certificate program in Native American Indian studies offers students a structured understanding of historical and contemporary issues affecting the Western Hemisphere's First Nations. Students will learn how these issues are embedded in the long histories of Native peoples and their most recent interactions with Europeans and Africans. Students will also develop a greater appreciation for the indigenous peoples of Eastern North America. The program will encourage on-campus roles for visitors from Native communities, supervise some students' outreaches to Native communities, and enhance the knowledge of students on to post-baccalaureate study and service.

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