Native American Floor

Special Interest Residential Program

Located on the Second Floor of Chadbourne Hall [Directions]

This program provides a residential community for Native American students and others interested in native cultures. Many nations are represented, and students may learn about the customs and traditions of tribes other than their own. The floor hosts Native American dinners, and residents participate in an annual powwow.

 The program sponsors social and educational events in conjunction with the Josephine White Eagle Cultural Center in Chadbourne Hall. The center's facilities include a library with a special collection of books and videos, and access to computer terminals. The center also provides leadership opportunities and academic counseling.

Guest List for Spring 2000 (Tentative)

Virgil Kills Straight (March or April) Spring 2000

 Roberto Borrero (Taino)

 Herberto Dixon (Tutelo)

 Cheif Gilbert (Kahnawake)

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