• Workshops in Music Theory Pedagogy — 2016

    Learn about teaching music theory from five leading authors and scholars. Sessions will focus on the teaching of undergraduate music theory at the college level. All teachers of music theory are encouraged to attend these workshops — teachers at the college, university, conservatory, and high-school levels (including AP instructors). Various other individuals — including graduate students in music, music scholars, performers, and music educators of all kinds — will also benefit from attending.

    In lectures, group discussions, and other settings, the workshops will cover the following topics (and ample time will be allowed for discussion of various other topics in the teaching of music theory):

    • Rudiments
    • Sight Singing
    • Ear Training
    • Harmony
    • Form
    • Analysis
    • Writing about Music
    • Incorporating Popular Music in the Curriculum
    • The Influence of Cognition and Perception Research on Teaching
    • Active and team-based learning

    These workshops will bring together a faculty of five music theorists, all of whom are authors of influential books, important contributors to various scholarly subfields in music theory, and experienced classroom teachers.