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Room Schedules and Conductor's Calendar

Room Schedules       (Conductor's Calendar below)
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Click on a Room/Hall below to see what is currently scheduled there:
Bezanson Recital Hall
Room 36 (Large rehearsals)
Room 44 (Large rehearsals, recitals, talks)
Room 149K    Room 149L
Room 150    Room 151 (Piano Lab)
Room 152    Room 154   Room 155   Room 157
Room 170 (Reservable by permission only)
Room 365    Room 368 (Conference Room)
Off Campus

Current schedules:
Full List by Venue (all venues)
Full List by Date
Class Calendar by Date (classes only)


Link to CONCERT CALENDAR for Faculty & Guest recitals, Student Ensemble concerts & special events


Conductor's Calendar
5 week calendars starting on the date listed.

With Rehearsals Without Rehearsals
3/1/2020 3/1/2020
4/5/2020 4/5/2020
5/10/2020 5/10/2020
6/14/2020 6/14/2020
7/19/2020 7/19/2020
8/23/2020 8/23/2020
9/27/2020 9/27/2020
11/1/2020 11/1/2020
12/6/2020 12/6/2020
1/10/2021 1/10/2021
2/14/2021 2/14/2021
3/21/2021 3/21/2021
4/25/2021 4/25/2021
5/30/2021 5/30/2021
7/4/2021 7/4/2021


Key to Internal Calendar abbreviations:
FR = Faculty Recital
FD= Faculty Dress Rehearsal
FRH= Faculty Rehearsal
GAR= Guest Artist Recital
GAD= Guest Artist Dress
MC= Master Class
SC= Special Class
EnsP= Ensemble Performance
EnsD= Ensemble Dress
OCP= Off-Campus Ensemble Performance
OCD= Off-Campus Ensemble Dress
OCP(NR)= Off-Campus Performance (Not Required)
TIBP= Tuesdays in Bezanson Performance
TIBD= Tuesdays in Bezanson Dress
MR= Masters Recital-Required
MD= Masters Recital Dress
SR= Senior Recital-Required
SD= Senior Recital Dress
JR= Junior Recital-Required
JD= Junior Recital Dress
NRR= Non-Required Recital
NRD= Non-Required Recital Dress
?= Date/Event/Time Not Confirmed

Concert Hall abbreviations:
BZ= Bezanson Recital Hall
BK= Bowker Auditorium
CH= Fine Arts Center Concert Hall