Graduate Teaching Assistantships & Financial Aid

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

All graduate students entering the Department are automatically considered for teaching assistantships (TA-ships) in their own studio/area of concentration. These are few in number, and highly competitive.

In addition, there are a number of "Gen-Ed" TA-ships that support large undergraduate General Education music classes. Duties typically include lecture support, discussion section leading, grading and tutoring. All grad students who have not received a TA-ship in their own area are strongly encouraged to appy for a Gen-Ed TA-ship. These positions are issued through the office of the Graduate Program Director and are also highly competitive. We seek intellectually curious students who are motivated, responsible, and who demonstrate excellent communication skills. Click on the link for a TA-ship Application Form (pdf), Deadline: Feb. 1, 2018 for priority consideration.

Graduate assistantship awards carry a yearly stipend of over $9,264 (2015-16) in return for a 10-hour-per-week work assignment. In addition, tuition, curriculum and health fees are waived. Residual mandatory fees (See Graduate School Tuition/Fees webpage) remain the responsibility of the graduate student. Assistantships are available in a variety of undergraduate courses, applied areas, class piano, accompanying, music theory, ensembles, arts administration and marching band.

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