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Marianna Ritchey

Assistant Professor; Music History

Marianna Ritchey, music history

(413) 545-2227

362 Fine Arts Center, Lively Arts Office

Marianna Ritchey received her PhD in musicology from UCLA in 2011. Her dissertation, entitled “Echoes of the Guillotine: Berlioz and the French Fantastic,” examined nineteenth-century music and culture, specifically relationships between the music of Hector Berlioz and the “fantastic” literature of Romantic-era France

Her article on Symphonie Fantastique, in which she reveals an explicit connection between a short story by Charles Nodier and the program for Berlioz’s first symphony, was published in the Summer, 2010 issue of 19th-century Music. Her current research examines the ways contemporary American economic theory and policy influence the aesthetic choices of young composers in the U.S. 

Dr. Ritchey has presented papers at several national and international conferences, on topics ranging from Berlioz to Guy Maddin to the dies irae to Kenny G. She has also given several public lectures, including a presentation on Hildegard of Bingen at a women’s music festival in Anacortes, Wash.  As a Visiting Assistant Professor at Lewis and Clark College, Dr. Ritchey taught in the interdisciplinary Core program as well as in the Music Department, designing several courses on music and culture. She also served on the Advising Team, co-coordinated an academic conference exploring the economic and social position of classical music in contemporary life, and was a finalist for 2014’s Teacher of the Year. As a performer in several bands, Dr. Ritchey has played all over the world, most recently touring in Australia. She also co-wrote the January ‘14 theme song for the feminist website Rookie. Her non-scholarly interests include David Foster Wallace, comedy, the films of Ingmar Bergman, and art and life in the Anthropocene.