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Music Education at UMass Amherst

Don't miss the Orff Schulwerk Festival at UMass on April 11 & 12, 2018!  (For elementary music teachers, student teachers, collegiate music ed majors, in-service music teachers & 5th grade students)

Welcome!  The undergraduate and graduate Music Education programs at UMass Amherst have a long and proud tradition of excellence.  We prepare graduates of our program to be innovative, thoughtful, and successful leaders and professionals in the field of music education.  Within our program there are three degrees offered (BM, MM, Ph.D.) and a post-baccalaureate music educator licensure program.  At UMass Amherst, you can be sure you will receive a contemporary, comprehensive, and practical preparation for a career in music education.

Music Education students


Within this program, students complete courses in music education methods, instrumental techniques, conducting, music theory, music history, private instrument study, and student teaching, and receive a Bachelor of Music degree with a music education concentration.  Successful completion of the degree qualifies candidates for an Initial License to teach music in public schools at all levels (PreK-12).  Massachusetts enjoys educator licensure reciprocity with most other states, meaning that upon obtaining a MA educator license, those seeking licensure in another state will only need to (a) apply and pay for that state's license, and (b) pass that state's educator tests in order to qualify for a license.  However, MA does not have licensure reciprocity with the states of MN, ND, WI, IA, and MO.  Candidates seeking licensure in those states will need to submit a transcript to the respective state's department of education upon graduation, and will then need to complete any additional courses required by that state.

Links to Music Education Bachelor of Music SUBPLANS/course degree checklists:

The Music Education BM (undergrad) degree track is not currently available to students auditioning as Jazz majors or minors. However, it may be possible to pursue Music Education and Jazz degrees separately; for more information, please consult with the Coordinators and Admissions Director.



This program is administered jointly by the College of Education and the Department of Continuing and Professional Education (CPE).  All applicants must have an earned Bachelor’s degree in music (any area).  This program provides coursework leading to qualification for a Massachusetts Initial Educator License in Music: All Levels (PreK-12).  For more information, please see the Program webpage and/or contact the Music Ed coordinator, Prof. Lehmberg.



We offer a Master of Music degree with a concentration in music education.  Within this degree, you can focus on pedagogy, research, applied study, or conducting.  All M.M. students who focus on research are required to write a thesis.  The capstone project for pedagogy is determined in consultation with the faculty.  The capstone project for students focused on applied study or conducting is a recital.

            M.M. in Music Education  (Link to SUBPLAN/course degree checklist, pdf)

            Complete Graduate Handbook (pdf)


The Doctor of Philosophy degree in Music is intended for advanced scholars who want to continue the development of their creative, analytical, theoretical, and scholarly skills and knowledge. This degree prepares students for careers as a music education faculty member in higher education. The degree requires two years of coursework, and a Ph.D. student must spend a minimum of one academic year in residence. Please see the Graduate Handbook (insert link here) for details.

         Ph.D. in Music Education (Link to SUBPLAN/course degree checklist)

For more information on our programs, please contact Dr. Lisa Lehmberg (


MUSIC EDUCATION FACULTY    (click for bio/contact info)

Lisa J. Lehmberg, Ph.D.

Stephen A. Paparo, Ph.D.

Sara K. Jones, Ph.D.


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