The Doctor Of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.)

The Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Music is intended for advanced musician/scholars who desire to complete their graduate study in a specific area of music and continue the development of their creative, analytical, theoretical, pedagogical and scholarly analytical skills and knowledge.

Concentrations: (Click on each for Degree Course Checklist, pdf file)

The Ph.D. degree is conferred upon satisfactory completion of a curriculum consisting of a minimum of sixty semester hours of approved course work beyond the Master's degree in Music, including eighteen hours of dissertation credit.

A Ph.D. student must spend a minimum of one academic year of full-time study beyond the Master's degree in residence (not including summer). There is a two-language reading requirement for Ph.D. candidates in Music Theory. Please see the Graduate Handbook (pdf) for details about the language requirement, admissions requirements, the qualifying exam and the dissertatation process.