Music Minor


The Minor in Music is an option for focused music study while majoring in another subject.  The emphasis is on performance on your instrument/voice, and an audition is required for acceptance into the program.


Ensembles (conducted), 4 semesters/4 credits

Applied Lessons, 4 semesters/8 credits

Theory I (MUS 112, Fall only), 1 semester/3 credits

Aural Skills I (MUS 114, Fall only), 1 semester/1 credit

Music Literature (MUS 101, Fall or Spring), 1 semester/4 credits

Elective (at least 3 credits) to be chosen from the following list:

  • ARTS-EXT 500 Introduction to Arts Management (3)
  • ARTS-EXT 391A Foundations in Arts Entrepreneurship (3)
  • MUS 102 African American Music & Jazz (4-AT, U)
  • MUS 113 Music Theory II (3)
  • MUS 160 American Popular Music (4-AT)
  • MUS 170 or 170H Film Music (4-AT)
  • MUS 195J Jazz Improv I (2) / MUS 195K Jazz Improv II (2)
  • MUS 295J History of Jazz (Major) (3)
  • MUS 300 Music History (3-prerequisite: MUS 101)
  • MUS 301 Music History II (3-prerequisite: MUS 101)
  • MUS 290W: World Music (4-AT, G)
  • MUS 190M Culture, Society, & the Broadway Musical (3-AT, U)
  • Any courses approved by the Undergraduate Program Committee

Total number of credits: 23-24


  • Jazz minor may substitute MUS 102, MUS 103 or MUS 295J for MUS 101.
  • Independent studies, practica, or ensembles may not be substituted for electives.
  • No Pass/Fail courses


Orchestra Violins