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United States Hispanic Leadership Conference

The United States Hispanic Leadership Conference, which is part of the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute (USHLI), was one of the most amazing experiences I have had in my time in college.

Before going on the five day trip to Chicago, Illinois, I did not know what to expect of the conference, all I knew is that I wanted to learn more about developing leaders in the Hispanic community and how I could bring this knowledge back to campus. In my days at the conference I realized that my experience at USHLI had surpassed my expectations. I went to workshops that taught me how to succeed in college, how to make my voice be heard louder, how to feel empowered as a Latina and overall how to take the history of Latinos in the United States and apply all the work that was done in the past by brave women and men to the present and future generations. I heard Latinos and Latinas who had backgrounds that were very similar to that of many young people of Hispanic descent tell their stories of success and inspire all of us to not only want to achieve the same success, but also to teach the younger generations in our communities that they can also achieve all of their goals. In addition, I believe one of the most important and inspiring things I experienced in the conference was meeting so many young Latinos, who had a passion and drive to give back to their communities. USHLI?s Leadership Conference was in every sense a truly amazing experience. I would recommend any student with a passion for learning about how to grow as a leader in their community to attend. I will always be grateful to CMASS for allowing me to have this unforgettable experience.