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Spotlight: Rick Pierre

Rick Pierre is well known for putting a smile on everyone’s face. Who can resist the charming, senior accounting major who sets goals above the rest by sticking his nose in every aspect of college life? Pierre is an active student participating and leading ongoing activities on the UMass campus. He is currently Secretary of Finance in the Student Government Association; there he manages the registered student organization accounts. “It is a demanding position, especially when trying to please all the student organizations on campus”, says Pierre. He is also a member of the popular Black Greek lettered organization, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc, where he held positions such as Vice President, President and currently serves as Director of Intake. Rick enjoys the fulfillment of Black Greek life, “Not only can you impact the many communities around you, but you build great relationships with those that will last a lifetime.”

When Rick arrived at UMass, it was important for him to be a sponge and take in all the opportunities that are available to students on campus, especially those that promote leadership. During the weekends Pierre and the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha, tutor youth, ages 5-16, at the W.E.B. Dubois Academy in Springfield. He enjoys doing service for his community because of the exceptional impact he has on those around him. His ambitious, go-getter type attitude motivates and inspires the desire for success in the students that he works with “Networking is the key,” says Pierre. His affiliation with a prominent organization, Alpha Phi Alpha, gives the youth he mentors the opportunity to network with several leaders.

UMass has been a considerable tool for Pierre to set himself apart. “All we have is time,” says Pierre. With the understanding that the college environment is exceptionally competitive, it is important to excel not just academically, but in all areas of student life. Pierre’s ambitious and goal-oriented nature will better prepare him to take on, not just school, but the world.

Amaka Mbawuike, Website Reporter