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These can be requested and can be tailored to meet the needs of the group/individual

Presentation practice and feedback session
We understand that not everyone enjoys presenting in front of a group. We also understand that this s a skill that can advance your academic and career aspirations. CMASS staff is happy to serve as your audience and give you feedback to perfect your craft. Click here to schedule your practice and feedback session.

Recruiting & Membership
Active membership is vital to the strength and longevity of an organization. This interactive workshop brings together student leaders to discuss the role of recruitment, effective leadership and membership engagement play in the overall success of the organization. Utilizing the guiding principles of the organization’s mission statement RSO members will formulate a strategic plan for the academic year.

Successful Succession
Preparation makes your succession successful. Did your president leave a strategic plan in place? Did you plan ahead for a vacancy? Did you identify committed members to continue the legacy? Are responsibilities shared equally among members? By examining the organization’s election process members will develop a sustainable plan for electing and maintaining interest from members.

Budget Management
This workshop deconstructs the budget process while making it relevant to the organization's mission and goals. It is open to any member interested in learning tips for proposing a balanced budget, managing and evaluating the annual allocation, reading and understanding SUMMIT reports, identifying campus funding sources and developing a working relationship with advisors, but most importantly how to maximize your funds by collaborating with cultural groups. Participants have the option to bring a current proposal for feedback or engage in a budget case study.

Time Management
Time management is an essential life skill which improves personal development. This interactive workshop includes various self assessment tools and a team challenge to test participant’s use of nine tools for managing time efficiently. Through this workshop you will learn the power of controlling your time wisely to increase your overall productivity.

Developing a Leadership Identity
By exploring your leadership identity you will find that you create an impact every day! This workshop will engage you in reflection, sharing and generating a plan to support yourself and peers in the leadership journey.