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What is a Coach: A coach is not a mentor, advisor or therapist. A coach is someone who inspires students to maximize their personal and academic potential and create a vision for success.

How does it Work: Coaching sessions are all about the student. They occur on the phone or in person, and in groups where students have similar interests.

What are the Benefits: Through coaching students increase their self-awareness and develop concrete actions plans to reach their personal/academic/professional goals.

Ethical Standards of the Profession:
- Recognizes that the student is capable to determine own priorities, goals and action steps.
- Offers Integrity, Respect, Honesty and Privacy.
- Offer transparency when conflict of interest arises or is perceived.
- Set clear expectations for effective coaching relationship.

Values upheld by the Profession:
- Extend and earn trust
- Honor commitments
- Strive to increase professional skills
- Seek to understand first, and treat each student as an individual
- Ensure best possible service

Start Today: Set up an appointment with Wilma Crespo, CMASS Associate Director for Student Development & Certified Professional Coach via email at or via phone at 413.545.2517.