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A Funny Friday Night

written by Stacey Linehan

“If this was a Dave Chappelle show, all these seats would be full” joked Michael McDaniel during the annual Comedy Show hosted by UMass’s Black Student Union in the Campus Center Auditorium on Friday October 21, 2011. This comedic evening also featured a performance by Mike Larry and showcased student talent including the UMass Step Team and a student singer and a rap artist whose performances occurred between the two comedic acts.

Comedian Mike Larry came on first and got the audience nodding and laughing with his skit on the difference between men and women when it comes to food. He asked the men in the audience,
“Guys, if we order a quarter pounder and we get a double cheese burger, what do we do?”
“We eat it” a male voice stated.
The audience laughed slightly and Larry proceeded with his joke about how women double check their McDonalds orders and if there is the littlest thing wrong they gotta take it ALL back, regardless of whether or not the majority of the order is correct. Moms are forcing their babies to spit out the “wrong orders” even when they are happily eating it in the backseat.
“Come on lil man, spit that out, it’s all goin’ back!” he mimicked the mother.
He says women don’t take it back through the drive-through, instead they take the bag inside, cut the line, call the McDonalds employees “childish” and demand new food that McDonalds can’t even produce, asking for Whoppers.

He tossed around jokes about medical assistance who think they are on equal playing field with doctors. “I thought she worked at the hotel, they almost have the same uniform but when I asked her she seemed offended.” He begins to imitate the girl, “excuse me but I’m a MEDICAL ASSISTANT” then proceeds to say they need to relax with their one day course certifications. This exaggeration had the audience amused then and every time he brought it up again throughout his entire act.

After Larry leaves the stage, he is replaced by rapper Mike Mckenzie who is later joined by UMass student Laurie Joseph to perform a duet that got the crowd swaying and popping in their seats. McKenzie’s rap was hyped and Joseph’s voice smooth and elegant. McKenzie surprised the audience when at the end of his performance he pulled out a stack of one dollar bills and tossed them out into the audience. Each bill containing his Twitter name was quickly claimed by viewers who were not ashamed to reach under chairs or get out of their seats to do so.

Michael McDaniel followed the performance and was not afraid to engage his viewers first by asking for requests for role playing. He toyed through impressions of celebrities Michael Jackson, Will Smith, DMX, Trey Songz, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wanye, and more and his impersonations were right on point impressing the audience. He continued his interactive style by hopping off-stage to converse more physically with his viewers. He called one audience member Tyrese and continued addressing him by that name throughout the show because of his resemblance to this particular actor/singer. He poked fun at the fact that this BSU event was staffed by white people at the doors and taking pictures, an irony the audience seemed to find funny as well.

Overall the show was a success. The student performers were an excellent touch to the comedy show and the Step Team did a great job of hyping people up before the show. The two down-to-earth guys fulfilled their requirement of making people laugh and the audience left the Campus Center repeating jokes to friends and soon were able to encounter the two acts waiting outside the door to meet and greet their fans.

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