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Burma: It Can't Wait! It is Time to Take Action!

by Stephen Margelony-Lajoie, posted 5/14/2012

The Center for Multicultural Advancement and Student Success had a busy day on April 27, 2012. CMass sponsored two special events at Wilder Hall, one that discussed the horrors of inequality on a global level and another one that revealed the known fact that racism is still very alive on the streets of America, even its pop culture.


Myra Dahgaypaw is just one of many, many people who have been a victim of the ongoing militarized takeover of Burma. She became a refugee and survived the horrors, but she isn’t trying to let go of the past. She’s been using her experiences to campaign for awareness of Burma’s current situation. Her presentation began with a brief overview of what exactly has been going on for the past few decades in Burma. With global movements like KONY 2012, it was unbelievable how so much evil could be almost completely unnoticed by the average American.

Children fighting as soldiers. Poverty. Hunger. Displacement. Death. Imprisonment. These are just a few of the horrors that Dahgaypaw’s eyes had to witness. The solution? Educate. It’s hard to be educated on something when someone doesn’t possess the knowledge to educate about a certain topic. That’s why the world needs people like Dahgaypaw. She didn’t just play victim, she chose to be a fighter and an educator. That’s why her lesson can’t become stagnant. It must be spread.

Just like KONY, we need to educate the people around us by telling them of the horrors of Burma. We need to create Facebook groups and share them. We need to make a stand and make our government do something about this injustice. Either way, the one thing we cannot do is nothing. For Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, a rising political leader in Burma, told the world: “please use your liberty to promote ours”.