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Computing Resources

Here are a few website links for CMASS students affiliated interested in computing.

1. Student website - page for Students of Color

2. Our facebook page for students -

3. The CAITE website -

4. The ECEP website - new NSF grant.

CMASS Amazing Events

SPIRE Instructional Videos

Undergraduate Advising worked with OIT to put together 3 SPIRE instructional videos that incoming students were referred to (sadly, we don’t think too many saw them, but they’re still available and pertinent!).

These can find be found here: SPIRE instructional video(scroll down, right panel).

They were hoping to complete some more such videos

Other videos that are useful and helpful to students are the following:
Moodle instructional videos

A financial literacy program was just launched for students, called Buttonwood. This short video will give you a short synopsis of this program.

Work Study Undergrad Student Employmnet at CMASS -Fall 2014

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