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About The National Black Student Leadership Development Conference (NBSLDC)

This Conference is the vehicle utilized to create and empower this diverse collegiate leadership group, who attend predominantly white colleges and universities. NBSLDC is an intensive interactive three-day leadership experience. Held annually in January, this Conference provides the participants with an opportunity to increase their effectiveness as leaders. The Conference provides participants with information, exercises, and activities about leadership styles, practices, and theories. The Conference provides an arena for the observation, critical thinking, discussion, and group interaction, while affording participants avenues for networking and interacting with national and international leaders. Business organizations, educational institutions, and governmental agencies are also invited to meet with these selected leaders.

The Conference will be held during January 7-10, 2010 at Vienna, VA.

You can represent UMass at the conference !!!

The Office of Programs and Services for ALANA Students (OPSAS) will be sending a selected group of students to this remarkable conference. Students must first submit an application to the OPSAS office directly (302 Student Union Building)

This will be followed by an interview for the selected students.

The interviews are in progress at the OPSAS Office.

Or you can drop by OPSAS office in room 302 Student Union Building to get a copy of the application.

Important Dates & Deadlines

Last date to submit application: Closed
Interview dates: October 19-22, 2009
Conference dates: January 7-10, 2010

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