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Cultural Connections

The Center for Multicultural Advancement and Student Success (CMASS) made a vibrant connection with campus community with the celebration Cultural Connections. It was held in the Campus Center Auditorium on September 9th from 6-9PM. The event featured artists Shakanti, Ishei and the UMASS’s very own South Asian Student Association’s Fusion Dance team, Dhadak.

The event was a great success due to vigorous planning by the summer planning committee. In addition to the performances and eclectic foods from around the world, there was also an assortment of registered student organizations. These RSO’s took the opportunity to network with one another and reach out to new members of the UMASS community.

With the vast amount of people who were present it was clear they were all drawn by the same guiding principle, networking. The African Student Association (ASA) who was represented by their president Sam Boetang, Treasurer Chris Green, and General body member Chad Roberts, took the opportunity to market ASA to a new crowd.

When asked what they hoped to accomplish at the event they collectively responded, “We hope to introduce ASA to those who may now know who we are. And for those who do know who we are, we hope shed the stigma that only Africans are allowed in. [You] can be from anywhere in the world and still be a member of ASA. So we are urging members and non members alike to come to meetings, come to events and see new faces”.

UMass students Students Symphony Knight, Na’Kia Weaver and Lola Adebanjo all agreed, the most alluring aspect of this event was the opportunity to meet other students of color and their respective RSO’s.

Elizabeth Asefa – Article Writer

Some pictures from the event