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African Students Association

The African students Association (ASA) is becoming a house hold name amongst students on campus. In the past few weeks they have held two events that stick out in my mind especially, their baroque and culture talk.

The new executive committee has made it a point to plan numerous events, advertise aggressively and start the year off on the right foot.

To end the week last Friday ASA hosted a Barbeque in the South West horseshoe to which many people gladly attended. While some people took the opportunity to grab a burger, others bopped to the beat the DJ was mixing.

The social was informal and friendly; a handful of freshmen came out get a taste of the fun and mingle with upper classmen. While some took the opportunity to throw around a football and show their athletic abilities within the confines of the horseshoe.

Keeping their momentum the African Students Association hosted a cultural talk to discuss issues of culture and its role in the lives of Africans and those of the African Diaspora. The conversation was honest and insightful with the ASA eboard posing questions like “does culture divide people or does race in which people largely agreed that race has constructed many of the divisions.

The conversation also allowed for some question and answer sessions where people were allowed to ask each other questions about one another person’s culture both within and without the African context.

The discussion touched upon interracial as well as inter-cultural dating. Many were shocked to discover the strong bias that exists in many African communities against dating an African American. Tayla Bloom a junior in the School of Management noted that it was news to her that a separate words existed for a African American.

Overall the conversation gave space for inquires to be explored and discussed in a laid back comfortable atmosphere.

Elizabeth Asefa-Article Writer