Soldier Load Project
Department of Kinesiology

Our current research is aimed at contributing to a base of knowledge regarding the changes in the control of posture and visual task performance during dynamic human movement. It will investigate changes that occur during a dynamic visual acuity task (Discrimination and Identification of Targets) under different armor conditions related to the weight carried on the human system in the form of Soldier equipment. Perception of the environment (Situational Awareness) is a critical Soldier task for survival, and loading the body with armor effects the human systems ability to complete the task successfully. The proposed project seeks to determine the changes in visual acuity performance while wearing armor and other equipment on the Soldier during locomotion at different speeds to understand the consequences of weight and design on the necessary perception-action coupling for performance and survival. The general purpose is to further our understanding of the 'Soldier System' as related to the effects of combat equipment and the control of human movement during dual task performance (visual search / acuity while 'on the move'). It is expected that different loading weight and configurations will impact the ability of the system to dampen oscillations at the visual organs and ability to adjust locomotion dynamics will 'compete' for those required for visual task performance.

Our research is supported by the Department of Defense.
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