MAALACT Elizabethtown PA Nov 2007

Frontispiece: N1:Tamiflu Morph = Jmol, works on Win/OSX with no installation. [Skip WhoIsEM] Need: Visualization vs. Modeling; Success of organic modeling vs. failure of protein fold prediction
Top 5: Karl Oberholser Collagen: Chapter 3, 1st 3 buttons ZOOM TEXT Hbonds need smaller atoms, they look covalent but distances are correct. FGIJ 1D66 (used 1hho in workshop) Designed for journal; PDB to find out name of molecule Contacts to Chain A, read off CGG ConSurf GALLERY MHC Read process from output page (ZOOM TEXT) Polyview-3D: PyMol Demo drag and drop into Powerpoint Demo 1hho orientation (center AA!), center, zoom, preview
Orbitals/MEP: MEP = #25 Spin Bkg White Translucent (#9 has mesh MEP) Orbitals = #20, block just before #19 CREDITS!