Saving your First MolSlide
in the Protein Explorer Workshop
    Make a Personal MolSlides Folder
  1. Open My Computer, go to the class filespace.
  2. Create a new directory (folder) with your name. This is your personal MolSlides Folder.

    Start Downloaded PE
    [Alternatively, you may use PE on-line. Make sure you go to PE 2.76 from]
  3. Open My Computer, find Protein Explorer 2.76 Alpha
  4. Drag PE Startup and drop it on Firefox.
  5. Bookmarks, Bookmark this page.

    Save Your Molecule (PDB file) into MolSlides Folder
  6. Display molecule of interest in PE (enter PDB ID code at FrontDoor).
  7. Click on MDL (opens Chime's menu): File, Save Molecule As.
  8. Give file a name like 1d66.pdb, not like pdb1d66.ent.
  9. Save the PDB file into your personal MolSlides Folder.

    Load the Saved PDB File via Empty PE
    [If you are using PE on-line, skip this. Keep the molecule already loaded.]
  10. At the PE FrontDoor, start Empty Explorer.
  11. At PE's Load Molecule control panel, Browse to your PDB file in your personal MolSlides Folder.
  12. Load the PDB file.

    Add a MolSlide(s)
  13. Use PE to get a molecular view that you want to save.
  14. Click Save This View.. (below the message box).
  15. Click Add a MolSlide.
  16. Optionally, use the MolSlide Manager to add text, etc.
    [Molecular views will display more slowly in the MolSlide Manager if you are using PE on-line, because the PDB files have to load from the server each time.]

    Save Your MolSlide(s)
  17. Click Export to Save.
  18. Use Chime.
  19. Save via Bioinformatics.Org.
  20. Save your MolSlides early and often! Once you close your PE window, unsaved MolSlides are lost.

    Test Your MolSlide(s)
  21. Open a new browser window. Drag your molslide_set_01.htm and drop into the browser.
  22. If the slides don't display properly, see Troubleshooting at the bottom of the MolSlides.

    Import Your MolSlide(s)
    After you close PE, when you start a new PE session later, you can import saved MolSlides. After importing, you can edit the slides, add new slides, re-order the slides, apply a slide to PE, etc.
  23. Start a new session of PE.
  24. Load one of the molecules that is in your saved set of MolSlides. If you are using downloaded PE, start Empty Explorer from PE's FrontDoor, then Browse and load a PDB file from your MolSlides Folder.
    [If you are using PE on-line, enter the PDB code in the slot at the FrontDoor.]
  25. In PE, click on Import Views.. (below the message box).
  26. If you are using downloaded PE, use the Browse button to load your saved MolSlides.
    [If you are using PE on-line, open a new browser window, and display the MolSlides you wish to import. Then, click on use the HTML source paste-in box and follow instructions there.]
  27. The MolSlide Manager will open showing your imported MolSlides.
For further information, please see MolSlides.Org.