DRuMS Color Codes

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   Both HTML and Chime scripting language use RGB hexadecimal values to define colors. Use this handy table to look up the exact hex codes used in the DRuMS color schemes. Or download the entire DRuMS package, including a cascading style sheet for HTML, a set of scripts for Chime, and instructions on their proper use.

Macromolecule     Element Identity     Protein     Nucleic Acid

Macromolecule Scheme     [top]

Atom Set Color Code for Chime Code for HTML*
Protein Tan   [Xcbbe8a]   #cbbe8a
DNA Dark Purple   [Xae00fe]   #ae00fe
RNA Maroon   [Xfd0162]   #fd0162
Solvent Aqua   [X3a79bc]   #3a79bc
Ligand/Other Bright Green   [X6dfa36]   #6dfa36


Element Identity     [top]

Atom Set Color Code for Chime Code for HTML*
Carbon Gray   [Xc8c8c8]   #919191
a Carbon Dark Gray   [X787878]   #4f4f4f
Hydrogen White   [Xffffff]   #b7b7b7
Nitrogen Periwinkle   [X8f8fff]   #8f8fff
Oxygen Bright Red   [Xff0000]   #f00000
Phosphorus/Iron Orange   [Xffa500]   #ffa500
Sulfur Yellow   [Xffc832]   #ffc832
Magnesium Forest Green   [X228b22]   #228b22
Manganese/Calcium Med Gray   [X808090]   #808090
Chlorine/Boron Bright Green   [X00ff00]   #00ff00
Zinc/Copper Brick Red   [Xa52a2a]   #a52a2a
Sodium Bright Blue   [X0000ff]   #0000ff
Fluorine/Silicon Gold   [Xdaa520]   #daa520
Unknown Deep Pink   [Xff1493]   #ff1493


Protein Schemes     [top]

Atom Set Color Code for Chime Code for HTML*
(Backbone) Dark Gray   [X787878]   #4f4f4f
     Amino Acid Side Chain Polarity
Nonpolar Gray   [Xc8c8c8]   #919191
Polar Magenta   [Xff33ff]   #ff33ff
(Aromatic) Forest Green   [X007700]   #009600
     Amino Acid Side Chain Charge
Nonpolar Carbon Gray   [Xc8c8c8]   #919191
Polar Acidic (-) Med Red   [Xdd0000]   #ff0000
Polar Basic (+) Bright Blue   [X3366ff]   #3366ff
Polar Uncharged Magenta   [Xff33ff]   #ff33ff
     Secondary Structure
Helix Pink   [Xff0080]   #ff0080
Strand Yellow   [Xffc800]   #cdcd00
Turn Light Blue   [X6080ff]   #6080ff
Unstructured White   [Xffffff]   #b7b7b7


Nucleic Acid Schemes     [top]

Atom Set Color Code for Chime Code for HTML*
DNA Backbone Dark Purple   [Xae00fe]   #ae00fe
RNA Backbone Maroon   [Xfd0162]   #fd0162
     Pairs (Purines/Pyrimidines)
Purines Green-Blue   [X2e8b57]   #2e8b57
Pyrimidines Red-Orange   [Xff8c00]   #ff8c00
Adenine Azure   [X5050ff]   #5050ff
Cytosine Crimson   [Xe00000]   #e00000
Guanine Green   [X00c000]   #00c000
Thymidine Tweety-bird   [Xe6e600]   #e6e600
Uracil Umber   [Xcc9900]   #cc9900


*Many of the codes for html have been darkened, relative to the codes for Chime, for better visibility on a white background. Note that Chime uses a range of values darker than the base RGB hex code in order to shade for depth. Therefore the codes for html are a good visual match to the 'average' value used by Chime. If you use a black background, use the "Codes for Chime" in your HTML instead of the Codes for HTML given here for a white background.

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