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version 2.2

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Welcome to Biomolecular Explorer 3D, version 2.2

Biomolecular Explorer 3D is designed to give high school biology teachers easy access to interactive 3D structures of biologically significant molecules. All the molecules are displayed and explored in a browser window with no software installation required. Some materials are also available en español (in Spanish translations), including 3D DNA.

We offer you the following resources:

  1. Pre-selected biomolecules
    • appropriate for a high school (secondary school) biology curriculum
    • organized in a single table for easy access
    • one-click access to interactive 3D displays, with no software installation
    • placed in a biological context with a brief description
    • view and interact with the molecules in your web browser window
  2. Assistance with lesson planning
    • each molecule is linked to background information specially selected for secondary school teachers
    • limited time only - send us your lesson plan for any of the molecules featured here. We will send you feedback and suggestions. Offer good through February 28, 2009.
  3. Access to additional molecules
    • we show you where to find many other biomolecular 3D displays and tutorials

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