Workshop on Molecular Visualization for Biological Science Teaching: RasMol and Chime -- 3rd Meeting, June 1999

University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA
Eric Martz, Project Director
Chemistry Resource Center (CRC) Computer Lab, Goessman 152, Dr. Beatrice Botch, Director.
Assisted by Tim Driscoll and Faizah Al-Mjeni
Computer configuration by Frank Stolle and Eric DeHays.
Supported by the Undergraduate Faculty Enhancement Program of the Division of Undergraduate Education, NSF, and the University of Massachusetts.

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  1. 9:00-9:30 Fill out progress report; Login; Copy your scripts or Chime presentation for projection.

    Macintosh Login: Macintosh Projection:

    Windows Login:

    Windows Projection:

  2. 9:30-Noon Share teaching experiences and resources created for teaching. Discuss pedagogy.

    * * * Coffee Break, 10:30-10:45 * * *

  3. 12:00 NOON - 1:30 PM       (-: (-: (-: (-:   Lunch!   :-) :-) :-) :-)
    Blue Wall in the Campus Center

  4. Demonstrations of new or upgraded software (see list below).

    Individual Work -- Select What You Prefer

  5. Optional review of how to use RasMol or build Chime presentations.

    * * * Coffee/Juice Break! 3:15-3:30 * * *

  6. Optional work with new or upgraded software:

  7. 4:30-5:00 PM -- Before departing please: Write evaluation of today (blue paper)